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Current work on engravers

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Current work on engravers
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2016 10:47:21 +0200
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just a quick getback about what I'm currently doing.  I've digged in
with issue 1375 (making Scheme engravers first-class citizens with names
and documentation) and got most of the work done by abstracting
translator-creators as a separate type for creating translators.  Works
and everything, but since I've been locked out of git-cl temporarily by
some Ubuntu Xenial library incompatibility, I've continued work offline.

Now that it's time to create the user interfaces for this, I figured out
that the abstraction I used here works better using the virtual table
pointer (namely with derivation and virtual member functions) rather
than with an explicit creator class.

So basically I have a dead branch with significant work in it.  I'll be
cherry-picking some interfaces from it but need to redo some core parts.

Now make no mistake: I've not been working efficiently the last weeks
after returning from vacation (I am slow as molasses sometimes on tasks
where I am unhappy with the solutions I come up with and constantly
getting my mind on distractions instead and would love to be better able
to control it) but it's not just as bad as it seems sometimes.

And I suppose I'll be recovering from this dead end soon enough as most
programming interfaces will be pretty much the same as what I've been
coding.  But the implementation will be quite fewer lines than the work
I put into it while being better extensible to translators other than
just engravers.

I'm pushing the current work to dev/dak/translator-ctors in case anybody
is interested in it, but the actual code will end up using only very
limited parts of it.

Frustrating not just for me, but that's life.

David Kastrup

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