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Re: Current work on engravers

From: Federico Bruni
Subject: Re: Current work on engravers
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2016 12:39:41 +0200

Il giorno gio 21 apr 2016 alle 12:14, David Kastrup <address@hidden> ha scritto:
I don't think it will persist long enough that it makes
much sense for me to get acquainted with virtual environments (and I
don't have enough free disk space anyway).  If I'm proven wrong here,
I might need to change my approach.

Just in case you need...

You probably need 5GB at least.
This is my current disk usage on LilyDev (yes, 24GB is way too much, but I have a lot of space on my work PC):

$ df -h /
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda1 24G 4.7G 18G 22% /

The easiest way to install virtual environments in Linux IMO is libvirt┬╣.

virt-install --name LilyDev4.1 --memory 1000 --cdrom /path/to/file.iso --disk size=6

(that is, 1GB of RAM and 6GB of space disk)

And you follow the instructions to install it.

Then you can fire it up whenever you want with:

virsh start LilyDev4.1
virt-viewer LilyDev4.1


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