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Re: Notation manual - 1.3.3 Expressive marks as lines - glissandi

From: Wols Lists
Subject: Re: Notation manual - 1.3.3 Expressive marks as lines - glissandi
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2016 11:46:49 +0100
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On 23/04/16 08:03, Simon Albrecht wrote:
> Sorry, but what are you playing at with such an e-mail on the -devel list?
> First, it’s a little bit offensive considering that – as you very well
> know – all people bringing Lily to you are only volunteers who do their
> very best to make her as good as possible.
> Second, this is a _developers’_ list. So if you have a technical
> question at developing LilyPond, or want to propose a patch, then you
> can come here. For a documentation suggestion as this the bug list is
> the right place.

Yes I do know Lily is brought by volunteers. I've done bits and pieces
for it in the past. I didn't know that documentation suggestions should
go on the bugs list - last time I did (a lot) of work on the
documentation it was all done on the devel list.

> And you’ll be wise to provide a more precise description of the problem
> with that example in the docs and why your proposal solves that problem.
> ‘side effects have buggered everything else up’ and ‘mess up royally’
> are so vague expressions that you basically expect others to figure out
> themselves what exactly these side effects are, and why the snippet
> doesn’t apply to your use case.

I said "the voices get out of sync". I thought that would be enough.
Let's give a simple example ...

  { s1*8 s2. s1*8 }
  { s1*4 \cadenzaOn s1 \cadenzaOff s1*3 s2. s1*8 }

The first {} is seen as 17 bars long. The second {} is seen as 16 bars
long. It wouldn't matter too much if that 3/4 bar weren't in the middle,
but as it is your output will be a mess. Lily will think the second 3/4
is bar 8, not bar 9.

The example in the manual works great as a standalone, but try to use it
in a large piece and it'll bite you (and as a trombonist, this is normal
usage to me). I just thought this version was a lot better.

> The whole story of your pain with this issue may go to the user list
> then – maybe you can get some advice there.

Except I'd solved the problem, so I was making a suggestion for the
documentation. Which, my past experience suggested, belonged on the
devel rather than the user list.
> Best, Simon


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