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Re: Issue 3945: fix (De)crescendo with unspecified starting volume in MI

From: nine . fierce . ballads
Subject: Re: Issue 3945: fix (De)crescendo with unspecified starting volume in MIDI (issue 294700043 by address@hidden)
Date: Sun, 05 Jun 2016 16:47:45 -0700

HT, thanks for your review and your detailed response.

(or in some cases move the Dynamic_performer from the Voice context to
the Staff context)

I understand what you are saying.  I often use the part combiner, which
lays waste to the organization of musical parts within Lilypond Voice
contexts.  Not only does it create problems with MIDI dynamics, but also
with lyrics (which NullVoice helps work around) and voice-based
accidental rules.  My current work-around involves creating invisible
Voice contexts to hold the complete part and moving the MIDI performers

(That reminds me to try Trevor's (?) vocal templates and see if there
are any improvements I could contribute.)

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