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Possible errors reimplementing musicxml2ly fix for issue 4581

From: John Gourlay
Subject: Possible errors reimplementing musicxml2ly fix for issue 4581
Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2016 22:48:18 -0400

I sent the message below to Tobias Kretschmar using the email address 
address@hidden and after a few days it was returned as undeliverable. Does 
anyone know an alternate way to reach him? Tobias, are you following this email 

John Gourlay



In my recent work on LilyPond issue 4751 I had to reimplement the changes you 
made for issue 4581 in February. It seems that I might have done an inadequate 
job, and Iā€™m hoping that you will be able to help clarify the issue. It would 
be especially useful if you could explain in more detail how you originally 
verified that the bug was fixed. Was the bug originally evident in the LilyPond 
output from the regression test 42a-MultiVoice-TwoVoicesOnStaff-Lyrics.xml? I 
am attaching the PDF output from this test as it is produced now. Is it correct?

The background of this, in brief, is that I brought a large body of changes 
into musicxml2ly that were made over several years separately from LilyPond in 
the Philomelos project. Not fully understanding the Philomelos changes, I opted 
to preserve the Philomelos code when it seemed to work rather than recreating 
the latest LilyPond code. The effect of this strategy was apparently to remove 
some of your changes. If you are interested you can see the whole discussion 
between me and David Kastrup at the end of the long series of comments to issue 

John Gourlay

Attachment: 42a-MultiVoice-TwoVoicesOnStaff-Lyrics.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document

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