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Re: container as alternative to virtual machine: systemd-nspawn

From: Jan-Peter Voigt
Subject: Re: container as alternative to virtual machine: systemd-nspawn
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2016 21:03:36 +0200
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Hi Fredrico,

I have a similar setup running using LXC on my ubuntu machine. I really like using containers to avoid cluttering my work-environment with build-dependencies. There's a nice tutorial for "unprivileged" containers:
You only have to add your user to the group |lxc-dnsmasq.|
Then you can create a container with "lxc-create -t download -n lilydev -- -d ubuntu -r xenial -a amd64". Then start it with "lxc-start -n lilydev" and attach to it with "lxc-attach -n lilydev". Now you can install anything you need with apt, create the user and go on, like Frederico already explained. Using LXC or systemd-container is (IMO) a matter of taste - I chose LXC, because I found St├ęphane Grabers tutorial.
What I'd like to have now, is GUB running that container.
I'll report, if I get it working.


Am 29.06.2016 um 18:27 schrieb Federico Bruni:
This setup may be interesting for Linux users who want to avoid virtual machines.
I started it today so I haven't tested it much yet.

The size of OS is small initially, circa 380MB. But when you install the LilyPond dependencies it grows up significantly.

# Instructions

Install the packages `systemd-container` and `debootstrap`.

Run as root the following commands (adapt it to your architecture):
   cd <path/to/dir>
   mkdir LilyDev
debootstrap --arch=amd64 stable DebianJessie/

Start the container, set the root password

   systemd-nspawn -D LilyDev

and add a normal user:

   adduser lilydev
   id lilydev

It's important that the user ID in your guest is the same as the user ID in your host system. This allows to edit the files in the LilyDev/home/lilydev
directory either in your host or in your guest.

Now you can boot the container (need to be run as root):

   systemd-nspawn -bD LilyDev

Log in as root and install the dependencies, as described in the Contributor Guide.

When you've done, change to the normal user:

   su lilydev

and you are ready to compile lilypond.

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