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Re: Replace `-dgs-load-fonts' to `--bigpdfs' in lilypond-book (issue 300

From: James
Subject: Re: Replace `-dgs-load-fonts' to `--bigpdfs' in lilypond-book (issue 300280043 by address@hidden)
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2016 19:35:34 +0100
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On 22/07/16 18:48, Carl Sorensen wrote:

On 7/22/16 9:35 AM, "lilypond-devel on behalf of David Kastrup"
<address@hidden on behalf of
address@hidden> wrote:

A 30% reduction in the final output file size sounds nice.  Personally,
I find the prospect of not having 4GB of disk usage for running
lilypond-patchy-staging quite more compelling, and I would seriously
suspect that all the amount of font juggling and merging subsetted fonts
will not just take quite a bit of disk space but also of processing
time.  So if we could successfully pull this off and have it work
reliably for lilypond-book, I consider it likely to end up as a real
boon in resource usage.
I expect this to be a real boon as well.

However, without doing a careful study, I expect that the 4GB of disk
space used for running lilypond-patchy-staging largely related to the
large number of snippet files, each of which rather inefficiently uses
disk allocation units.  So I'm not sure I see a huge reduction in this
overall disk usage for running patchy.

But this is just a hunch, not a demonstrated reality.

After my last Patchy run (just now) I get this (ive edited so just the largest dirs in each case are shown):

NB> It seems that the Japanese docs are built using its own 'build' dir (i.e. it has its own out-www build doc and doesn't seem to share any of the files the other docs do while building, but I am probably not understanding this).

Are we wasting build time and space with the way we build the Japanese docs compared to the other languages?


address@hidden ~/lilypond-git/build $  du -smh * | sort -hr
1.9G    input
1.4G    Documentation
773M    out
592M    out-www
171M    lily
9.5M    mf
7.5M    flower
1.2M    po

address@hidden ~/lilypond-git/build/Documentation $ du -smh * | sort -hr
425M    out-www /<--- English Docs/
341M    ja /<---- why is this so big compared to the other language docs?/
233M    de
133M    es
90M    it
89M    fr
39M    ca
21M    hu
20M    out
17M    cs
13M    nl
8.3M    pictures
3.6M    ly-examples
1.8M    po
1.7M    snippets


address@hidden ~/lilypond-git/build/Documentation/out-www $ du -smh * | sort -hr
50M    notation
36M    notation.pdf
25M    learning
18M    internals
15M    music-glossary
11M    snippets.pdf
9.3M    web
7.7M    usage
6.7M    contributor
5.3M    snippets
5.3M    learning.pdf
4.0M    notation-big-page.ja.html
3.8M    notation-big-page.html

address@hidden ~/lilypond-git/build/input $  du -smh * | sort -hr
1.9G    regression
8.0K    out-www
8.0K    out
4.0K    GNUmakefile

address@hidden ~/lilypond-git/build/input/regression $ du -smh * | sort -hr
705M    out-test-baseline
705M    out-test
238M    out-www
155M    musicxml
44M    midi
32M    abc2ly
20M    lilypond-book
468K    collated-files.texi2pdf.log

address@hidden ~/lilypond-git/build/Documentation/ja $ du -smh * | sort -hr
512M    out-www
8.0K    out
8.0K    notation.splittexi.log
8.0K    notation.bigtexi.log


address@hidden ~/lilypond-git/build/Documentation/ja/out-www $ du -smh * | sort -hr
70M    34
52M    37
38M    ef
38M    3c
33M    bf
21M    f1
20M    8b
20M    4e
19M    9a
9.6M    notation


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