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Re: [GSoC] Implement cross-voice dynamic spanners (issue 304160043 by ad

From: starrynte
Subject: Re: [GSoC] Implement cross-voice dynamic spanners (issue 304160043 by address@hidden)
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2016 03:47:33 -0700

Thank you very much for taking the time to review this!

On 2016/07/25 10:01:52, dak wrote:
The main problem I see with the current code is that it is ad-hoc and
unmaintainable.  Spanner_engraver is a class that really serves no
clear purpose
apart from carrying a few helper functions.  The collection of helper
does not create a coherent design.  All the actual management of
spanners still happens in the spanner classes themselves.
So the question is how would we _want_ multiple-spanner management to
reflected in the code?  It's complex and mostly orthogonal to the
actual work
(except when multiple spanners or likely rather their grobs have to
notice each
other in order to avoid collisions), so the answer is "as little as
The ideal implementation would be to change ASSIGN_EVENT_ONCE to
ASSIGN_EVENT_SPANNER_ID and not change anything else.  However, the
amount of
trickery that would need to get done then would be considerable.

However, the principle underlying this somewhat unrealistic example is
valid: the bulk of the code should only cater for a single spanner.
If we can
arrive there, we will also be in a good position to let users create
engravers that can deal with multiple spanners without having to delve
multiple-spanner management themselves.

I agree. Handling multiple spanners in Spanner_engraver seems like a
good idea; I'll try to revise this patch to do so (with the help of your
input/regression/ <<
This code is not really seminal to the topic of this regtest.  You
should rather
create one or more separate regtests for the new functionality and
have a
matching description.

The same for the other regtests.

Will do.

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