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Re: repeating bar numbers and rehearsal marks in frenched score

From: Mark Knoop
Subject: Re: repeating bar numbers and rehearsal marks in frenched score
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2016 20:35:13 +0100

At 21:03 on 28 Jul 2016, David Kastrup wrote:
>Mark Knoop <address@hidden> writes:
>> I'm also unclear as to why you feel that this is unsuitable to be
>> done by the Keep_alive_together_engraver without further nesting.
>> After all, the documentation for this engraver states:
>>     These spanners are then tied together so that one will be removed
>>     only if all are removed.  
>Your use case desired to have staves removed without consideration of
>whether the mark line is removed, and have the mark line removed only
>if all staves are removed.

How is this so conceptually dissimilar to the divisi-staves situation
which introduced the remove-layer property? 

Staves are already removeable without consideration of other contexts
by setting remove-layer = ##f. The only change is that a specified
context can be retained throughout the normal life of the group.

I'm sorry, I am trying to progress this and respond to your
suggestions, but it would be nice to receive some proper criticism of
my (working) code which amounts to more than just "I don't like it". 

Mark Knoop

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