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Re: Add `-dgs-neverembed-fonts` option (issue 312970043 by address@hidde

From: dak
Subject: Re: Add `-dgs-neverembed-fonts` option (issue 312970043 by address@hidden)
Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2016 10:24:53 -0700

On 2016/10/29 17:18:21, trueroad wrote:

Finally, if the small PDF files contain some fonts that are not
embedded (by
this option `-dgs-neverembed-fonts`), the TeX system outputs the main
PDF file
with some fonts missing.
In this case, Ghostscript can embed the necessary fonts.
It can significantly reduce the required disk size.

Unfortunately, the never embed method does not work fine for TrueType

So this option embeds TrueType fonts but does not embed Type 1 fonts
OpenType/CFF fonts.

I'll be quite glad if building the docs stops consuming 4GB of disk
space.  I just had another build failure because of running out of

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