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Re: Changing voice order...

From: Dan Eble
Subject: Re: Changing voice order...
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2016 00:42:07 -0400

On Oct 28, 2016, at 05:01 , David Kastrup <address@hidden> wrote:
> Well, there is still the question of what 1/2/3 should _mean_.
> Currently they are connected with \voiceOne, \voiceTwo,
> \voiceThree... and the meaning of those is "topmost", "lowest", "below
> topmost" ...
> I find this both disturbing and hard to remember and so for me the
> question is what the most satisfactory way to change that would be in
> the long term.

Maybe let << \sopOne \\ \alto \\ \sopTwo >> work as it works and add a function 
to reorder?

e.g.    \highToLow << \sopOne \\ \sopTwo \\ \alto >>

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