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Re: Add installing optional URW++ fonts (issue 315850043 by address@hidd

From: pkx166h
Subject: Re: Add installing optional URW++ fonts (issue 315850043 by address@hidden)
Date: Sat, 05 Nov 2016 03:24:39 -0700

Hosoda-san (and perhaps others who know about font installation),

I cannot seem to be able to install 'just' a git commit (as is described
in the warning message that is posted by the makefile when you run
'configure'), I can git clone the repo of course and that works - as
long as I know where my fonts are supposed to be installed to be
correctly discovered - so my questions are:

1. Should we really be telling people to install that entire repo (and
not just the commit, if you see what I mean?) or is there a more elegant
way to just get those few fonts without having to install the entire
urw-core35-fonts git repo

2. Longer term, will this repo end up being installable by a simpler
apt/dnf/yum (or whatever your Linux Distro's Package Manager is) from
their own respective repositories? As that would be much simpler (i.e.
apt-get install urw-core35-fonts) than documenting how to clone git
repos. I tried it literally and got complaints because my .font dir was
not empty, so you have to clone into a dir inside your currently
installed font location.

I'd just like to get a better understanding so I can help document this
more clearly in our Contributor Guide.

Thank you.


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