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Re: Add installing optional URW++ fonts (issue 315850043 by address@hidd

From: pkx166h
Subject: Re: Add installing optional URW++ fonts (issue 315850043 by address@hidden)
Date: Sun, 06 Nov 2016 04:03:44 -0800

On 2016/11/05 11:50:52, trueroad wrote:
On 2016/11/05 10:24:39, pkx166h wrote:
> Hosoda-san (and perhaps others who know about font installation),
> I cannot seem to be able to install 'just' a git commit (as is
described in
> warning message that is posted by the makefile when you run
'configure'), I
> git clone the repo of course and that works - as long as I know
where my fonts
> are supposed to be installed to be correctly discovered - so my
questions are:
> 1. Should we really be telling people to install that entire repo
(and not
> the commit, if you see what I mean?) or is there a more elegant way
to just
> those few fonts without having to install the entire
urw-core35-fonts git repo
> 2. Longer term, will this repo end up being installable by a simpler
> (or whatever your Linux Distro's Package Manager is) from their own
> repositories? As that would be much simpler (i.e. apt-get install
> urw-core35-fonts) than documenting how to clone git repos. I tried
> and got complaints because my .font dir was not empty, so you have
to clone
> a dir inside your currently installed font location.
> I'd just like to get a better understanding so I can help document
this more
> clearly in our Contributor Guide.
> Thank you.
> James

The necessary files are only following 12 files.
It is not all of the files in that repository.


If you put these files in the Fontconfig search path (e.g.
~/.fonts etc.),
configure script can find them.

I am sorry to still talk about this, but I have been unable to work out
how I could install just these fonts without having to clone the entire
repo. I have looked in places like stackoverflow and the various 'git'
sites but no one seems to be able to clearly state how to install just
this commit (with for example git fetch). I also have not been able to
'download' the raw blobls from the repo either using 'right click/save

Making things too complicated for developers can put them off and doc
building is quite integral to even just building the binaries - because
of the makeinfo part (I think).

So I don't want to stop this checkin but if there is an easy way to
install this commit from that font repo (without simply cloning the
entire repo or having to 'hunt' for each file separately) then I'd like
to know what it is and perhaps we need to state this in the message that
'configure' gives you.

For those that haven't tried the message looks like this:

... (normal configure output) ...


checking for zip... zip
checking for rsync... rsync
configure: creating ./config.status
config.status: creating config.make
config.status: creating config.hh

WARNING: Please consider installing optional programs or files:  URW++
OTF fonts (download OTF files from
and put them under '~/.local/share/fonts' etc., or use

See INSTALL.txt for more information on how to build LilyPond

    make all       to build LilyPond
    make install   to install LilyPond
    make help      to see all possible targets

Edit local.make for local Makefile overrides.


I am not saying we )necessarily) need a more detailed message but we do
need to document this in our CG and I like to think I am a good
candidate for this kind of information, not being a real developer or
programmer of any kind, but simply following instructions.

Even if configure script cannot find them, compilation and
installation is
possible since the files are optional.

Sorry for being 'stupid' but what would someone be gaining by installing
these fonts, I have tried to follow the threads but because of my
ignorance I cannot see why these 'suddenly' add something that didn't
exist before.

Unfortunately, perhaps because those fonts are too new, not yet been

That's OK. If we're are imprioving something by adding these fonts, as
long as we can document how to install them (see above) then even if it
is a bit more complicated than just 'apt-get install' most people can
follow clear steps, we just need to document them I think.

I think that there are two ways to improve.

1. To suppress the display of warning.

If configure script finds those files, `make` uses them and `make
installs them.
Even if configure script does not find them, it does not display the

I cannot comment here because I don't know what benefit someone would be
getting by installing these extra fonts compared to what we do at the
moment but I think it is better to display something in this message
that is 'needed' even if it is not 'required' (I seem to recall we had
something similar with fontconfig versions and 'recommended'
installations compared to what was in the current repos at the time).

Even in this case, we will be able to contain those fonts in binary to
distributed in

2. To distribute the tarball of these 12 files from

That would only be useful if the steps needed to download and uncompress
the tarball is less typing (so to speak) than applying files from a
single commit of an entire repo (see above). I am still thinking that it
is just my ignorance of how to do this than anything else.

Again, Hosoda-san, thanks for your time.


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