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Re: Is Anyone Working on a Better Tablature Algorithm?

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Is Anyone Working on a Better Tablature Algorithm?
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2016 22:05:44 +0100
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christopher-heckman <address@hidden> writes:

> David Kastrup wrote
>> christopher-heckman &lt;
>> ccheckman@
>> &gt; writes:
>>> In the past few years, a couple of algorithms have been released which
>>> do a better job for tablature. Since Lilypond uses one of the most
>>> naïve ones (not much different from the one that TuxGuitar uses), it
>>> might be time for an update.
>>> Is anyone working on this? I haven't been able to find any information
>>> on current projects.
>> Personally I think there should be a _translator_ doing the string/fret
>> assignment and recording it into the music expression.
>> Why?
>> This translator can keep context and, for example, default to using the
>> identical assignment for repeated chords, continued _notes_ and similar.
> I strongly disagree with you on this.

The following rather sounds like you strongly disagree with something
else.  No idea what.

> If you are playing the guitar, especially if you are playing passages
> with lots of notes, you may not always want to go to the same
> fingering for the chord. There are cases where you would have to shift
> your hand position by 5 or 10 frets, play one chord, and move
> back. This is not idea.
>> It can also be employed at TabStaff level (rather than at TabVoice
>> level) in order to create a workable assignment for polyphonic
>> guitar/lute play.
> The algorithm I have in mind does work for polyphony, so it can be
> used at the staff level. (And that would be how I would design it: for
> the entire piece.)

I thought you strongly disagreed with keeping context, like "the entire

> It would accept a musical expression and then add the string (and
> fingering) information to the notes.

Some disagreement that is...

>> So with a bit of retooling, one end up with a more versatile set of
>> modular tools than what we have now.
> Which begs the question that I started off with: Is anyone working on
> this?

Not that I know of.

David Kastrup

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