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Re: Stepping down and moving on

From: David Sumbler
Subject: Re: Stepping down and moving on
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2016 14:44:10 +0000

Hi David

I can only echo the good wishes and thanks that others have already
expressed.  Lilypond is a great program - the more I use it the more I
can see the potential if I can ever get my head around the finer

Meanwhile the list provides great support, and you have been a major
contributor to the on-list help as well as to the project itself.

So - thanks again, and good luck in your new post.


On Wed, 2016-11-09 at 18:09 +0100, David Kastrup wrote:
> Hi folks and team,
> while I haven't really occupied an official function in LilyPond
> development, it's hard to deny that I have effectively functioned as
> acting chief architect and vetter (with a rather mottled
> performance).
> Partly in connection with a drop of my productivity particularly this
> year, the amount of financial support for my work from members of the
> LilyPond community went down from overall survivable to
> disastrous.  Of
> course this is bitter for those of you that did contribute in
> significant amounts to my subsistence but I have to be moving on.
> I have accepted a full-time development (and team management)
> position
> with another company.  Due to their project and team expansion plans,
> I will be starting already in December.
> This employment is in another city.  I'll be travelling back and
> forth
> weekly for the foreseeable future.  While I might be working on some
> LilyPond side projects interesting to me occasionally, I will not be
> able to do any serious amound of coordination or other activity
> involving me with LilyPond's community.
> As my communication style has proven to be a somewhat mixed blessing
> for
> the purpose of attracting long-term developers, I expect that this
> may
> help in the long run for finding a different balance of areas
> LilyPond
> is getting worked on.
> During his tenure as LilyPond leader, Graham has demonstrated that
> even
> without a central technical lead there is a lot of potential to focus
> the resources of people willing to work on and expand LilyPond and we
> have been continuing to reap the results of his talent for organizing
> people into useful teams even though I have not really figured out
> how
> to fill gaps in the various teams and tools managing LilyPond's
> infrastructure to offset the "natural" amounts of fluctuation.
> I'll try seeing through the release of 2.20 in the little time
> remaining
> to me both before and after starting my job.  My main worry is the
> current comparative amount of instability with regard to font
> handling,
> and my main bad taste is that 2.20.1 will not be able to support
> Guile 2: there is no way that anything deserving the label of
> "stable"
> and including Guile 2 will come about in the rest of my tenure.
> There are also several half-completed features that are a nuisance.
> I do not expect to be able to to a significant amount of work on them
> in
> the foreseeable future.
> Once consequence, of course, is that my requirement for funding is
> over.
> I am greatly thankful to the people who have enabled me to keep
> working
> on LilyPond as long as I did, but what remains in my bank account, in
> spite of being quite less than what I started with when working on
> LilyPond, is sufficient to tide me over the time to my first
> paycheck.
> So I would ask you to cancel any regular bank payments you might
> still
> have in place as of December: I don't see that I will have a
> reasonable
> chance at returning a tangible value for them.
> Thanks for making me stay in the pond as long as I did!

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