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Re: Stepping up, contributor mentoring

From: Paul Scott
Subject: Re: Stepping up, contributor mentoring
Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2016 08:57:59 -0700
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On Tue, Nov 29, 2016 at 03:11:42PM -0800, Graham Percival wrote:
> Hi all, I'm back.

Welcome back!!

> (I was planning on waiting until the new year, but David's news
> made me re-evaluate my health now, and I think I have the energy
> to take on more stuff.  To make a long story short: depression,
> burnout, quit academia, moved back to Vancouver, recovery.  Also,
> started ballroom and swing dancing!  Great fun, absolutely
> recommended, *especially* for other shy, socially anxious computer
> geeks.

+1   It's my main recreation.  It's country swing here in Tucson.

> Despite that help, I'm still not 100% recovered, but I'm
> content with my progress, and I think that doing more volunteer
> work will help.)



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