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Re: Is Anyone Working on a Better Tablature Algorithm?

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: Is Anyone Working on a Better Tablature Algorithm?
Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2016 16:20:10 +0000
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On 12/3/16 1:56 PM, "lilypond-devel on behalf of christopher-heckman"
<address@hidden on behalf of
address@hidden> wrote:

>I've been coding this up, on and off for the past three weeks, and I have
>workable program. This should probably be called chTab 0.1. (ch either
>stands for Chuanjun He (who developed the algorithm) or Christopher
>(who implemented it in Scheme/Lilypond) ... Take your pick.)
>It does not recognize ties or glissandos, and does not attempt to
>incorporate harmonics into the tablature.
>This algorithm can be tuned quite extensively; max-fret, hand-width,
>use-open-strings, use-harmonics, and track-tabs can be set to various
>Other tweaks are possible, and that's where I'd like to have some
>If you play guitar, enter something and test the tablature for
>If you feel the playability is bad for some reason, let me know.

Is there any reason not to replace the current tablature algorithm with
this algorithm?  It seems that we'd just need to add the properties to the
context properties of the TabStaff.



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