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Re: guile-2: error when running make doc

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Re: guile-2: error when running make doc
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2016 00:55:21 +0100

2016-12-07 19:16 GMT+01:00 Federico Bruni <address@hidden>:
> Hi all
> I get this error when I run `make doc` on the dev/guile-v2-work branch.
> I'm running Debian testing in a 686 VM.

Just did a successful 'make doc' in my local copy of dev/guile-v2-work

Just to be sure
~/lilypond-git/build (dev/guile-v2-work-test)$ git log --oneline
returns like below, same for you?

645edd5 XXX reset the locale when building index.html
9f80bf1 XXX don't override LANG globally in the build process
5de7094 XXX add support for itexi files to the vim config
333eaf6 XXX fix some warnings about string-delete and string-filter
argument order
77ea9af Fix ly_scm2string() to work with guile-2.0
59197ff Fix the encoding of the PDF metadata when using guile-2.0
0b5bab2 Fix formatting floating point variables with guile-2.0
e23d7b1 Fix the substitution of the "GUILE" autoconf variable with guile-2.0
b4d396b Use the UTF-8 encoding for SVG files
d3b0b45 Fix wide characters support in embedded SCM with guile-2.0
8364cea Fix the encoding of the postscript output
87d99fa XXX Avoid the lockup in ly_scm_write_string
9be3942 Update changes from commit 122525f (Keep GUILEv2 from
redecoding string input)
1b23db5 Source_file::init_port: Keep GUILEv2 from redecoding string input
2a054bb Initialize locale in GUILEv2
05d42dc Issue 5000/5: Add using Extract PDFmark for DocBook
cecca9a Issue 5000/4: Add using Extract PDFmark for LaTeX
5942efb Issue 5000/3: Add using Extract PDFmark for Texinfo
f4ec9ba Issue 5000/2: Add font-export and never-embed options for
document building
fe4e0f1 Issue 5000/1: Add checking Ghostscript 9.20+ and Extract PDFmark
4934b31 Issue 4752/2: Regtest, Doc NR 4.3, Changes entry
b787af9 Issue 4752/1: Add ly:one-page-breaking
e45e1de Release: bump VERSION.
083b997 Release: bump Welcome versions.
e1f5924 Release: update news.


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