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Re: website: texinfo macros for both ID and classes

From: Paul
Subject: Re: website: texinfo macros for both ID and classes
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2016 14:10:33 -0500
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On 12/11/2016 01:32 AM, Graham Percival wrote:

I'm still not convinced that a div with ID and class is actually
needed.  Can you remember the specific example?

Well... I can't remember it at this point. Basically a case where there were a number of items that each shared a style (via a class) but needing to style one of them differently (via id). (I guess currently you could just use an additional class, as if it were an id, as a workaround.)

I'm just trying to smooth out a point of friction that I encountered, but
sure, there are probably other priorities.
Right, and that's a great move!  I'm just not convinced of the
details in this case.

Okay. Although I would support making these kinds of changes, to make working with texinfo for the website more like working with HTML, to make things easier for new contributors, it's not that important. We could always revisit it if/when the need arises from an actual case of working on the website.

I don't want this to be advertized on lilypond-user yet since it's
still too soon after the latest website fracas, but I've prepared
a repository so that people can easily experiment with CSS.  It
has the normal index.html, the pictures used by that file, and the
original CSS.  Anybody interested is encouraged to copy the "orig"
directory into a new one, then edit the new CSS as much as they
You can see the results here:

(yes, I ran out of patience when I got to the point of choosing a
color for the "Beautiful Sheet Music" header)

Over the next few days / weeks, I'll continue to edit the "simple"
CSS, and maybe make one or two other examples.  None of this is
intended to be merged with lilypond; I just want to demonstrate
how easy it is to make huge changes with only the CSS.

This way, the next time somebody expresses interest in the
website, they'll have a much clearer idea of what's involved and
what the limitations are.

I think this is a good idea. Some (most?) may be thwarted by the overhead of setting up the LilyPond build environment, so this gives them a simpler way to go. If/when this gets used it might be nice to add other pages besides just the home page.

(I still have a little bit of follow-up to do on the work I did on the home page last fall. I hope to get to that sooner than later.)


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