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Re: music function to be included somewhere in scm/*

From: Paul
Subject: Re: music function to be included somewhere in scm/*
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2016 10:02:33 -0500
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Hi Knut and everyone,

Great to see your work which seems like a nice improvement. I just have some thoughts on the implementation / use of properties.

We are just talking about grob properties and not context properties right? In that case no need to also create context properties as you do in your patch, since the grob properties are sufficient.

What about a way to do this with fewer than 3 separate grob properties?


If I understand correctly, only 1 of 3 kinds of behavior can be in effect at a given point:

1. no extensions
2. forced extensions
3. automatically added extension depending on a 'minimum-length' number

So why not one grob property (name to be determined) that can be a boolean or a number:

LyricExtender.extenders = ##f   % no extensions
LyricExtender.extenders = ##t   % forced extensions
LyricExtender.extenders = 2        % a number, auto extensions

For example, it could be set to a number and then use \once to set it to ##t to force (or ##f to suppress) a given extender.

Another possibility (2 properties) might be:

LyricExtender.stencil = ##f                % no extensions
LyricExtender.force-extender = ##t  % forced extensions
LyricExtender.minimum-length = 2 % auto extensions (if force-extender is not ##t and stencil is not ##f)

Am I missing something?  What do you think?


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