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Re: linux-ppc harfbuzz GUB build error

From: Hans Aikema
Subject: Re: linux-ppc harfbuzz GUB build error
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2016 18:20:29 +0100

> On 22 Dec 2016, at 14:05, Masamichi Hosoda <address@hidden> wrote:
>>>>> In my environments, autoconf does not raise such error.
>>>>> Do you set the "set -u" or "set -o nounset" somewhere?
>>>>> If so, would you remove the setting?
>>>> The set -u (or to be complete set -ux) I discovered inside
>>>> /home/gub/gub/target/freebsd-x86/src/
>>>> which was the command that was called when the error was signalled
>>> I've noticed that has "set -ux" and it is invoked from GUB.
>>> If I understand correctly, "set -u" and "set -x" etc. do not carry over
>>> into child processes.
>>> However, at least in your log file,
>>> "set -x" seems to be carried over to the child process.
>>> From through to autoconf,
>>> all scripts are setted trace mode.
>> [...snip...]
>>> Perhaps, also "set -u" is carried over in your environment
>>> and it is not carried over in my environment.
>>> I have no idea.
>>> But, in CentOS, /bin/sh is symbolic link to bash,
>>> whereas in Ubuntu, /bin/sh is dash.
>>> I think that this difference is influenced.
>> Anyway, I've noticed that if the environment variable SHELLOPTS exists,
>> "set -ux" and "set -e" carry over to the child processes.
>> There may be other conditions that it carries over.
>> In order to avoid this issue,
>> there is a way to "set +ux" before invoking the child process.
>> So I've created a patch for LilyPond's and 
> It has been merged.
> Probably the issue on CentOS has been solved.

Retrying a CentOS build alongside trial-and-error builds with minimal Ubuntu 
My current minimal ubuntu-based build is running the base dockerized 
ubuntu:xenial image extended with
        g++-multilib  \
        git  \
        ca-certificates  \
        zip  \
        unzip  \
        make  \
        python  \
        file  \
        xz-utils  \
        gettext  \
        curl  \
        p7zip-full  \
        texlive-xetex \

might still need more packages before it’s up and running

The ubuntu minimal environment builds alread led to a couple of updates in my 
gub fork ( for URLs that are wget-able, but not 
curl-able as curl is not following the http 301 moved permanently redirects (at 
least and …. new minimal ubuntu build running to see 
if more packages fail the bootstrap when only curl is available.

once I pass the gub bootstrap I’ll create a pull-request for the URL updates

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