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Re: [PATCH [uploaded to Rietveld]] Automatic lyric extenders

From: Trevor Daniels
Subject: Re: [PATCH [uploaded to Rietveld]] Automatic lyric extenders
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2016 20:25:48 -0000

Alexander Kobel wrote Monday, December 26, 2016 1:00 AM

> Oh well, it's late. I didn't spot measure 7, with the 8( 8) in alto. 
> Same there.
> And, of course, you should have an extender there in the second verse, 
> and you should have extenders in measure 1 (was/was/shall) an measure 9 
> (shall/shall/was); but that's a limitation of the satb-template (or, 
> rather, a lack of voice assignment) that's beyond this patch to correct.

Well spotted!  In fact there are several other places where the lyric
alignment was wrong.  At the time I posted it it was a work-in-progress
(for Christmas 2017, in fact), but thank you for helping with the final
tweaks :)  For interest, I attach the latest version, hopefully now almost
correct, albeit several messy tweaks!  Can you spot any other improvements?
It will make a useful test as the various improvements to LP which you 
outline below take effect.  One day maybe all the tweaks can be removed.
> In fact, to solve this, one would need a simultaneous assignment of the 
> lyrics to all four voices they apply to. Basically, a \addlyrics 
> \lyricsto ChoirStaff.

That would indeed be a great improvement - once it can be made to work!

> (Note 1 to whom it may concern, including myself: once this works, the 
> satb and ssaattbb templates should be changed to associate the Verse* 
> lyrics with the entire ChoirStaff, and *Lyrics with the corresponding 
> Staff per default.)

I'd be happy to make this change as soon it it becomes available.
> (Note 2 to whom it may concern, including myself: we should have auto 
> extender regtests for \lyricsto ctx = name, for at least ctx = Voice, 
> Staff, ChoirStaff.)



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