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Re: Free alternatives to Rietveld?

From: Federico Bruni
Subject: Re: Free alternatives to Rietveld?
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2017 08:47:31 +0100

Il giorno lun 2 gen 2017 alle 12:10, Alexander Kobel <address@hidden> ha scritto:

On 2017-01-02 11:50, Federico Bruni wrote:
Il giorno mer 28 dic 2016 alle 20:59, Graham Percival
<address@hidden> ha scritto:
On Wed, Dec 28, 2016 at 06:35:30PM +0100, Federico Bruni wrote:
 It would be possible to add a configuration option in git-cl so
 you can login in rietveld with a specific browser different from
 the default one?

Certainly!  In the source, I see:

If your browser is on a different machine then exit and re-run with the command-line parameter


IIRC that prints a URL string, which you can open with whatever
browser you want (on whichever computer you want).

Thanks! I'll try to remember when I need it.

There's a way to make it the default in my configuration? I see that
config values are saved in .git/config and there are some under
[rietveld]. I wonder if no_auth2_webbrowser=true may work...

Not sure about that; didn't spot anything from a (very) quick glance at the code. However, what you can do is to set up your own defaults:

alias git-cl-nooa="/path/to/git-cl --no_oauth2_webbrowser"
alias git-cl="BROWSER=/usr/bin/echo /path/to/git-cl"

Specifying the BROWSER environment variable instructs git-cl to use this application as browser - which I guess is what you actually wanted in the first place?

I've just had the chance to test these alias.

I've tested first the second alias. I've put this line in my bashrc:
alias git-cl="BROWSER=/usr/bin/midori /home/fede/src/git-cl/git-cl"

When I upload the patch, Midori is launched with the following link, which doesn't work (connection refused):

If I remove ?port=8001 I see the access token, but I don't know how to use it.

So I tried the first alias:
alias git-cl="/home/fede/src/git-cl/git-cl --no_oauth2_webbrowser"

But it doesn't work either, because the option should follow the real command:

$ git-cl upload origin/master
unknown command: --no_oauth2_webbrowser
usage: /home/fede/src/git-cl/git-cl <command>

So I decided to use this:

alias git-cl-upload="/home/fede/src/git-cl/git-cl upload origin/master --no_oauth2_webbrowser"


$ git-cl-upload
Usage: git cl upload [options] [args to "git diff"]

git-cl: error: no such option: --no_oauth2_webbrowser

I guess that I'll temporarily change my default browser in GNOME settings.

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