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Re: Back in the Pond

From: Knut Petersen
Subject: Re: Back in the Pond
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2017 10:20:47 +0100
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Hi everybody!

+1.  A personal wish: I think that \lyricsto ChoirStaff = "ctx" {
... } has the potential to be a killer feature w.r.t. usability for
choir literature (especially combined with the upcoming automatic
extenders). Unfortunately, assignment of lyrics to *container*
contexts does not work (at least, not reliably), and extender
generation is completely defunct.
Uh, I thought that people replaced extenders right now?
Well, may I cite the notation manual:

    "extender lines cannot be drawn when there is no associated voice."

The autoextender patch only adds extenders at places where extenders can be 
added without it.

Prior to Alexanders bugreport I wasn't even aware that something like \lyricsto 
ChoirStaff ... could work.
If we get it to work it might be a good idea to document the feature in the 
notation manual.

I reported that in a thread from 2016-12-26 on bug-lilypond, but could
not motivate any supporters yet.

I verified that the changes made by the autoextender patch are unrelated
but decided that probably the person who added the feature is the most
obvious candidate to fix it ;-)

Currently I work on  LyricHyphen enhancements. After I know if the autoextender
patch will be accepted I'll send a patch that will implement the following 

1: use either a rounded box or an arbitrary markup as a hyphen. Solves issue 

2: allow to whiteout every hyphen individually instead of the whole set of 
 generated for a HyphenEvent (Yes, I know that some people do not like that)

3: allow minimum distance to be automatically set to the with of the hyphen 

4: Improved placement of hyphens:
4a: If the spanner starts at the beginning of a system, place the first hyphen
at the start of the system.
4b: If the spanner ends at the end of the system, place the last hyphen at the 
end of
the system
4c: If neither 4a nor 4b apply: In cases where the old code uses n hyphens  use 
hyphens if enough place between the first/last syllable and the hyphens remain.
'Enough place' might be changed by a property.

Feature 4 gives much better results if there are multiple stanzas.

I think that these proposed changes could also be a something worth to be
integrated in a lilypond 2.20.


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