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From: Andrew Bernard
Subject: Skyfonts
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2017 23:43:18 +1100

Greetings All,


I would be keen to know if anybody has any current thoughts on how to make
lilypond able to use typographical fonts from Skyfonts. There was a
discussion about this in the user list some time ago, with no resolution.
Skyfonts hides the fonts quite thoroughly from sight yet they are available
for programs on Windows and Mac. I am aware that people get into political
discourse about the concepts of the font company owning the fonts and
intellectual property issues and freedom of software and so on, which is all
well and good. But the fact is that Skyfonts with a Monotype subscription is
an immensely powerful and useful computing asset.


I wondering if people have any current thoughts on how these fonts could be
integrated into use by lilypond. In brief, the outcome of the previous
investigation was that the fonts you have actually purchased, as opposed to
those you subscribe to, can be easily found in the Skyfonts directory and
copied to where lilypond can use them. But the subscription fonts are
devilishly hard to find - I suspect they are downloaded anew to obscure
obfuscated locations and stored  every time the Skyfonts service starts up
after reboot etc. They may even be in some complex obfuscated format.


I suppose this issue is really to do with the fontconfig machinery lilypond
uses. Why can't fontconfig use fonts that other programs on the system can





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