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Re: ly2musicxml / possible sponsoring

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Re: ly2musicxml / possible sponsoring
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2017 14:23:31 +0100
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Hi Christoph,

Am 27.01.2017 um 14:14 schrieb Christoph Hagemann:
> Hello, Paul,
> thanks for your interest. Please excuse my delayed reply, busy with
> real life...
> Am Dienstag, den 17.01.2017, 11:58 -0500 schrieb Paul:
>>> I'm a music professional in Germany. A few years ago I set a large-
>>> scale orchestral project in lilypond (score around 200 pages). Now
>>> the
>>> publisher wants MusicXML data. I understand there was some work
>>> done on
>>> an export function during last year's GSoC.
>>> Is there any chance for completion? If it helps, I'm willing to put
>>> an
>>> resonable amount of money into this and fund the completion of this
>>> feature.
>> I'd probably be interested in working on this, especially if you are 
>> willing and able to sponsor the work to some extent.  (Maybe others 
>> would also be willing to contribute?
> Jan-Peter Voigt and Urs Liska replied off-list. They recommended
> enhancing frescobaldi's export (python-ly). Which way is more apt?

This is difficult to say.
The python-ly approach is closer to being practically useful, but on the
long run it is inherently limited.

The approach that should be eventually fruitful will probably draw from
both, but not within your project's time frame.

A first check with the files you sent me didn't immediately work from
Frescobaldi, and (also due to some demands from real life) I couldn't
investigate it closely enough. The problem is that the code (although it
looks very clean in general) is too convoluted for the exporter to find
its way through.
At first I'd have to understand what is really happening, then find a
shortcut to get some results.

In another project where the original LilyPond design was pretty
complicated (everything done in Scheme, reading files, extracting data,
processing it etc.) I could simply plug in a helper file that wouldn't
compile in LilyPond, but "collected" the underlying music expressions
and made them accessible to the exporter. This is what I'm hoping for
here as well.

If Paul is willing to work on giving the Scheme-based approach a
real-world test bed this would probably be good as well.

>> This was a GSOC 2015 project, and I have a copy of the code. Looking
>> at 
>> it again, it seems that it should at least be possible to get it to 
>> where it could be used.  As is, it should cover some of the needs
>> you 
>> listed[0], and perhaps more could be added.  (Now that guile2
>> support 
>> has reached a somewhat-usable state, that will help since guile2 is 
>> required for the musicxml conversion.)
>> We should discuss details and expectations, as I wouldn't want to 
>> over-promise and under-deliver.
>> I'm curious about your time frame.  Are there deadlines?
> There is no fixed deadline, but can't hold the publisher on standby
> forever. As a guideline: I'd like the export to be working within six
> month' time.

Generally I'd say this is realistic.


> Kind regards,
> Christoph Hagemann
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