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GSoC projects

From: ul
Subject: GSoC projects
Date: Thu, 04 May 2017 21:35:42 +0200
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Today the accepted GSoC projects have been officially announced, and so I can declare this year's installment as opened!

We're happy to welcome three students (one for LilyPond and two for Frescobaldi) and look forward to working with them:

* Charles Winston (mentored by Carl Sorensen) will work on
  improving the internal representation of chords
* Felippe Roza (mentored by Peter Bjuhr, with Pavel Roskin and Jan-Peter Voigt as co-/backup mentors)
  will improve Frescobaldi's export to MusicXML
* Wen Xin (mentored by me) will add support for Git workflows to Frescobaldi

I'm looking forward to exciting new features and improvements and to having three motivated new members in our community.

To the three students:
While you are "entitled" to personal attention by your mentor(s) you are strongly encouraged to communicate in public as much as possible. This means especially that any discussion of actual tasks and challenges should happen on the mailing lists. On you can find a (work-in-progress) description of what/how we think GSoC should be approached.

Best wishes

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