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Case of 'c' in partcombine

From: Charles Winston
Subject: Case of 'c' in partcombine
Date: Thu, 25 May 2017 10:40:07 -0400

Hey developers,

I am working on my first patch—it is resolving a very simple issue from the 
tracker. The case of the ‘c’ in partcombine is inconsistent and can result in 
some confusion. For example: \partcombine, \partcombineApart, and others like 
this use the lower-case ‘c' … but \partCombineTextsOnNote, \partCombineListener 
use the camelCase ‘C’. The suggestion is to change all instances of partcombine 
to the camelCase partCombine—not the other way around because the engraver 
treats “part” and “combine” as separate words: ‘Part_combine_engraver’.

I would love some guidance as to where to find all the instances of 
partcombine. I know it is a command that takes two different as arguments, and 
combines them on the same staff, duplicating events that are different and 
keeping only one copy of events that are the same in both voices. I see the 
Scheme file which performs this function, but I believe that I need to make 
changes in the parsing process where the parser reads the string “partcombine” 
input by the user as the command. However I’m not completely clear on where to 
find this in the source code. Would love some preliminary help!

Charles Winston

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