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Fwd: Lilypond: Two Fixes for midi2ly

From: Christopher Heckman
Subject: Fwd: Lilypond: Two Fixes for midi2ly
Date: Fri, 26 May 2017 19:54:31 -0500

A few weeks ago, I brought up some issues concerning midi2ly. I have
made changes and created a patch containing both of them.

(1) Because of calculation errors, "clean" midi files sometimes
produce durations like 4*61/120. The first fix looks for a better
fraction close to 61/120, namely 60/120 or 62/120 that reduces as much
as possible. If there is a factor of 2 in the denominator, the first
part of the duration is modified. For example, 4*61/120 becomes 8
(being 4*1/2 en route).

(2) There is a comment in midi2ly about the code "barfing" if there is
a meter change. The patch also features a fix for the barfing bug: It
keeps track of the current meter and calculates the measure number
based on that.

I know that I probably should have split these up, but in the
debugging process, I did (1) and (2) before knowing about git.

--- Christopher Heckman

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