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Re: Create engravers for merging rests (issue 321930043 by address@hidde

From: thomasmorley65
Subject: Re: Create engravers for merging rests (issue 321930043 by address@hidden)
Date: Mon, 29 May 2017 16:13:29 -0700

I think this one warrants an entry in changes.
File scm/scheme-engravers.scm (right):
scm/scheme-engravers.scm:152: (define (rests-all-unpitched rests)
This will catch not only pitched rests, but also rests where the user
has set Rest.staff-position.
I tend to agree with it, although rests where the user changed 'Y-offset
or 'extra-offset are not taken into account. We can't foresee any of
those possibilities, anyway.

Though, I would insert a comment about it for future developers working
on it.

In general, why do you use a recursion?
(every (lambda (r) (null? (ly:grob-property r 'staff-position))) rests)
looks at least shorter

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