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Re: ‘Know which branch we’re on’ on Ubuntu 16

From: Simon Albrecht
Subject: Re: ‘Know which branch we’re on’ on Ubuntu 16
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2017 19:21:09 +0200

On 04.06.2017 19:02, David Kastrup wrote:
Simon Albrecht <address@hidden> writes:

finally I’ve managed to get Ubuntu 16.04 working, and copied all of my
previous home directory including .bashrc. However, the ‘export PS1’
trick suggested in
with the following line in .bashrc:

export PS1="address@hidden \w\$(__git_ps1)$ "

doesn’t seem to work the same anymore: upon any command I execute in
the terminal I get an error message ‘__git_ps1: command not
found’. Can anyone give me a hint how to update this?
The manual also says:

     You may need to install the additional bash-completion package, but
     it is definitely worth it. After installation you must log out, and
     then log back in again to enable it.

I did check for that: bash-completion had already been installed. But the solution was even dumber: Embarrassingly I didn’t have git installed… sorry for the noise ;-)

Best, Simon

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