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Re: What is the point of \on-the-fly ?

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Re: What is the point of \on-the-fly ?
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2017 23:47:22 +0200

2017-06-11 15:08 GMT+02:00 David Kastrup <address@hidden>:
> \on-the-fly gets as first argument a function that it calls on the
> second argument as if the first argument was actually a markup command.
> Why not make the first argument actually a markup command?
> It would appear that we are mostly talking about a closed set here
> anyway.  So why
> \markup \on-the-fly #(on-page 3) "blabla"
> instead of
> \markup \on-page #3 "blabla"
> ?  Where is the point in this particular obfuscation?
> --
> David Kastrup

on-the-fly is one (of two) markup-(list-)commands in
define-markup-commands.scm which takes a procedure as argument (the
other is map-markup-commands). This procedure needs to have three
arguments: layout, props and the one which is actually worked on.

I desperately tried to find such a procedure, being sufficiently
different from markup-(list-)-commands. To no avail.

So I'd vote for dropping on-the-fly entirely. (Unless somebody know a
good use-case)
Ofcourse several procedures in would need to become
map-markup-commands from define-markup-commands.scm needs to be changed as well.
And regtests and docs...


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