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lilypond export

From: Jan-Peter Voigt
Subject: lilypond export
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2017 15:01:19 +0200
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Hi list-members,

I have been working on an export module for lilypond. The last month there was no time to work on it. So I send you this link despite its pre-alpha state, because otherwise the project might fall asleep ;-)

It is designed as an openlilylib-plugin so you should clone it next to oll-core (if you want to try it) It comes with one example file that shows the core commands.

Now, if you import lilypond-export/package.ily you have a command and a context-mod in place to export music with or without typesetting it:

music = { ... }
\exportMusic \default xml \music

will export a MusicXML-file <document>.xml in many cases. Well, it is in pre-alpha stage, but for example if you have a simple choir piece, it should produce a MusicXML-file that can be read by MuseScore. The other exporter produces Humdrum, that can for example be tested at

The exporter uses some engravers to collect all note-events and store them in a tree-structure. The exporter-modules then traverse the tree and writes the corresponding strings to the output file. Right now ties and slurs are not collected, but lyrics are exported to XML. Beams are watched and exported.

This is one first sketch how it should work. There is a lot to do to add basics, like ties and slurs, and to make it a stable export module that is able to handle complex scores. But I appreciate any feedback and maybe someone likes to collaborate?


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