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for Jay Anderson: solution to "MergeFonts: Can't find font: feta11.pfb"

From: Federico Bruni
Subject: for Jay Anderson: solution to "MergeFonts: Can't find font: feta11.pfb" problem
Date: Tue, 04 Jul 2017 15:53:14 +0200


today I've stumbled upon the same problem you reported here:

Context: I'm building a Fedora container which I'd like to make available as an alternative to current LilyDev. As I want to keep it as small as possible, I do not want to add all the packages that a "dnf builddep lilypond" would bring in. So I had to work out some dependencies not caught by lilypond configure. Should this be reported maybe?

Actually it's only one dependency. In Fedora the package is called perl-Math-Complex.

I found it out thanks to Alexander Kobel suggestion in the thread above, i.e. running `make build/mf/out/feta11.pfb`, which produced some output I can't find anymore but basically the message was:

Can't locate Math/

Installing perl-Math-Complex solved the problem and I could run make successfully.


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