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Re: Add usage of OpenType font feature to the documents (issue 328140043

From: lemzwerg
Subject: Re: Add usage of OpenType font feature to the documents (issue 328140043 by address@hidden)
Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2017 10:49:47 -0700

I looked into the latest Harfbuzz internals, and it looks like
the list of supported OpenType features is manually maintained.


Not all the features listed on the Microsoft feature registry
are supported, but many are.

HarfBuzz is agnostic to most features; if you select a feature, and the
feature is available, and the other feature constraints are met, it
simply gets applied.

This list [in HarfBuzz] covers pretty much all likely candidates
a user is going to encounter or want to use in modern fonts, so it
probably isn't worth listing each of the supported features.

You are mistaken.  What you are referring to is a special interface to
OS X's `coretext' implementation of OpenType.

There exist far more features than you will ever use.  Additionally, a
large deal of features is not to be set (or unset) by the end user – for
example, most of the Indic font features have to be always applied.
Similarly, Arabic features (`isol', `fina', `medi', `init', etc., etc.)
must be always applied in a specific order to get correct rendering

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