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Re: add some rarely used mensural clefs (issue 330120043 by address@hidd

From: benko . pal
Subject: Re: add some rarely used mensural clefs (issue 330120043 by address@hidden)
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2017 10:49:49 -0700
File scm/parser-clef.scm (right):
scm/parser-clef.scm:96: ("petrucci-g2" . ("clefs.petrucci.g" -2 0))
On 2017/09/10 13:02:25, pkx166h wrote:
Is this correct?

I know nothing about ancient notation, but it seems that "petrucci-g2"
identical "petrucci-g" (below) apart from using 'g2' instead of 'g1'.

On a similar note I can see that petrucci-f and f4 also are identical
produce the same output).

yes, this is all correct and intended.
we could have petrucci-french instead of the new g1, but we don't have
petrucci-violin (petrucci-alto, etc.) either -- so long we went with
petrucci-c1 etc.
now as I added the g1 variant, for consistency reasons seemed worthwile
to have g2 as alias of g, just like petrucci-f4 is an alias of
petrucci-f since long (I don't know which one was first, f or f4).
I thought about introducing a petrucci-c alias to one of the c-clefs,
but since all five are used frequently (and together -- in different
parts), any choice would be rather confusing than logical.

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