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Re: Allow a markup to replace the default LyricHyphen (issue 325470043 b

From: knupero
Subject: Re: Allow a markup to replace the default LyricHyphen (issue 325470043 by address@hidden)
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2017 03:02:41 -0700

On 2017/09/16 19:53:57, dak wrote:

Indepent of those: I don't actually see this addressing issue 1255, so
create a new issue in the Sourceforge issue tracker for it and attach
Rietveld issue?  It seems at best loosely related to issue #1255 but
seems to be
desirable nevertheless.

Well, issue 1255 addresses the problem that the hyphen glyph of a lyric
font and the LyricHyphen grob are not identical.

It cites a source code comment: "TODO: should extract hyphen dimensions
or hyphen glyph from the font".

It cites Alexander Kobel: "Once I also tried to exchange the LyricHyphen
stencil to mimic LyricText, but to no avail - AFAICS, the alignment of
the hyphens is more or less hard-coded in the C++ part."

There is more than one possible solutions if you have to mix
LyricHyphens and hyphen glyphs of the lyric font and if those should be
(almost) identical:

1) Always use the hyphen glyph. Easy with this patch: set 'text to "-".

2) Always use a rounded box, never use a hyphen glyph. It would be
possible to replace all hyphen glyphs in LyricText with a rounded box. A
good solution only for a subset of the available fonts.

3) Try to minimize the difference between the hyphen glyph of the font
and the LyricHyphen grob. Automatic extraction of the dimensions of the
hyphen glyph would give a reasonable solution only for the subset of
available fonts with hyphens glyphs that have a form close to a rounded
box. A manually constructed hyphen is possible with this patch.

I think there are good reasons to think that the patch is a reasonable
solution to the problem described in issue 1255.

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