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Re: Use -b together with -dgs-never-embed-fonts (issue 325630043 by addr

From: knupero
Subject: Re: Use -b together with -dgs-never-embed-fonts (issue 325630043 by address@hidden)
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2017 02:38:20 -0700

Bikeshedding done for the day.

Let me continue.

"lilypond --help" and "lilypond -dhelp" gives perfect help to all users.
I doubt that there are a lot of people who know which parameters to use
for a non-trivial case even after reading the help texts.

At least the following parameters influence ps / pdf output:

  --use-encodings (or --bigpdf without Patch Set #2)

All names proposed in this thread (including my --use-encodings) only
slightly varies the high level of obscurity we have reached.

I think we should have for ps/pdf parameters that do not need -d...

  --ps               meaning: generate a ps file / keep the intermediate
ps file if also --pdf is given
  --eps              meaning: generate an eps file
  --pdf              meaning: generate a pdf file
  --pspdf-opt=..     meaning: ps/pdf optimization selection

possible values for the last parameter could be:

  --pdfodf-opt=help            meaning: display some help
  --pspdf-opt=size             meaning: optimize for file size
  --pdfodf-opt=lilypond-book   meaning: optimize for lilypond-book
  --pdfodf-opt=TeX             meaning: optimize for inclusion in *TeX
  --pdfodf-opt=TeX-GS          meaning: optimize for inclusion of
multiple files in *TeX and postprocessing with ghostscript
  --pdfodf-opt=...             meaning: ...

Those simple parameters would be interpreted as given below:

  --pspdf-opt=size would be the default and equivalent to our current
defaults (or something better if we find it in the future)
  --pspdf-opt=TeX would be equivalent to either the default or
--use-encodings (needs test). If combined with --eps it would also set
  --pspdf-opt=TeX-GS would be equivalent to --use-encodings
-dgs-never-embed-fonts, if combined with --eps it would also set
  --pdpdf-opt=lilypond-book would be equivalent to whatever users of
lilypond book prefer

Advantages: Significantly drops the level of obscurity, easy to extend.


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