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Re: make metronomeMarkFormatter more flexible (issue 327620043 by addres

From: lilypond
Subject: Re: make metronomeMarkFormatter more flexible (issue 327620043 by address@hidden)
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2017 01:51:31 -0700

On 2017/10/12 21:54:00, thomasmorley651 wrote:
   \override Score.MetronomeMark.details =
       (cons 'between-text " – ")
       (cons 'equal-sign " = ")
       (cons 'parentheses? #f)
       (cons 'note-size -1)
   \tempo 8=120

What do you think?

I like it IFF this means you’re able to override single entries of this
    \override Score.MetronomeMark.details.note-size = -5
But I’d suggest not to use a ‘?’ here but call it parenthesize (if it is
given a boolean? or boolean-or-symbol? as I suggested above) or
parentheses without a ‘?’ (if it is given a markuplist as David
suggested). Maybe use both?
    \override Score.MetronomeMark.details.parenthesize = #'if-text
    \override Score.MetronomeMark.details.parentheses = \markuplist {
"[" "]" }
I don’t think “wacky” things like Kieren’s example can be done like this
but you could do such complicated things as you could before by simply
using a markup in the \tempo.

I’d suggest to only handle “note = number” tempos here and open another
issue for “note = note” tempos. There we could discuss whether to have a
new command \tempoEquiv or use the “old” \tempo but with a different
syntax like \tempo 4 ~ 2.

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