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Re: Installing URW++ fonts, issue 4998: why not add wget lines to lilyde

From: Federico Bruni
Subject: Re: Installing URW++ fonts, issue 4998: why not add wget lines to
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2017 13:16:48 +0200

Il giorno gio 5 ott 2017 alle 14:01, Federico Bruni <address@hidden> ha scritto:

Il giorno gio 5 ott 2017 alle 3:10, Karlin High <address@hidden> ha scritto:
On Wed, Oct 4, 2017 at 6:27 PM, Carl Sorensen <address@hidden> wrote:

 somehow this patch needs to be coordinated with Federico,
 rather than using the standard LilyPond patch sequence.

That's what I gathered, too. I assumed Federico follows this list. The
discussion had
stopped with the question of how to instruct new developers to get the fonts,
and I debated whether to continue it here,
or on the Sourceforge or Rietveld issues.

Hi Karlin

In my opinion these fonts should be provided by linux distros.
I've just read that a new package urw-base35-fonts will replace the obsolete urw-fonts in Fedora 27 (which should be released in November):

Upstream repository is:

I'm testing a new container based on Fedora 27, where urw-base35-fonts is installed. However, I'm still getting the configure error because it seems that lilypond need the .otf files and this package contains only *.t1 and *.afm files:

# ls /usr/share/fonts/urw-base35
C059-BdIta.afm NimbusRoman-Regular.afm P052-Roman.afm C059-BdIta.t1 NimbusRoman-Regular.t1 P052-Roman.t1 C059-Bold.afm NimbusSans-Bold.afm StandardSymbolsPS.afm C059-Bold.t1 NimbusSans-Bold.t1 StandardSymbolsPS.t1 C059-Italic.afm NimbusSans-BoldItalic.afm URWBookman-Demi.afm C059-Italic.t1 NimbusSans-BoldItalic.t1 URWBookman-Demi.t1 C059-Roman.afm NimbusSans-Italic.afm URWBookman-DemiItalic.afm C059-Roman.t1 NimbusSans-Italic.t1 URWBookman-DemiItalic.t1 D050000L.afm NimbusSans-Regular.afm URWBookman-Light.afm D050000L.t1 NimbusSans-Regular.t1 URWBookman-Light.t1 NimbusMonoPS-Bold.afm NimbusSansNarrow-BdOblique.afm URWBookman-LightItalic.afm NimbusMonoPS-Bold.t1 NimbusSansNarrow-BdOblique.t1 URWBookman-LightItalic.t1 NimbusMonoPS-BoldItalic.afm NimbusSansNarrow-Bold.afm URWGothic-Book.afm NimbusMonoPS-BoldItalic.t1 NimbusSansNarrow-Bold.t1 URWGothic-Book.t1 NimbusMonoPS-Italic.afm NimbusSansNarrow-Oblique.afm URWGothic-BookOblique.afm NimbusMonoPS-Italic.t1 NimbusSansNarrow-Oblique.t1 URWGothic-BookOblique.t1 NimbusMonoPS-Regular.afm NimbusSansNarrow-Regular.afm URWGothic-Demi.afm NimbusMonoPS-Regular.t1 NimbusSansNarrow-Regular.t1 URWGothic-Demi.t1 NimbusRoman-Bold.afm P052-Bold.afm URWGothic-DemiOblique.afm NimbusRoman-Bold.t1 P052-Bold.t1 URWGothic-DemiOblique.t1 NimbusRoman-BoldItalic.afm P052-BoldItalic.afm Z003-MediumItalic.afm NimbusRoman-BoldItalic.t1 P052-BoldItalic.t1 Z003-MediumItalic.t1
NimbusRoman-Italic.afm       P052-Italic.afm                 fonts.dir
NimbusRoman-Italic.t1        P052-Italic.t1

What would you recommend to do? (question open to all the fonts guru in this list...)

There's an open issue to document this in the CG:


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