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new LilyDev, 0.2 release

From: Federico Bruni
Subject: new LilyDev, 0.2 release
Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2017 18:13:18 +0100

Hi all

Few days ago I made a new release (version 0.2):

I chose to keep calling the final images LilyDev, even if the repository is called LilyDevOS. Next week I'll send a patch to update the link in the CG to point to this new repository.

I had planned to make also a new release of the old LilyDev (hopefully the last one), but I ran out of time. I'll do it next week.

New in this release:

   Added a Debian container, based on stretch.
   Fedora images upgraded to version 27.
Added all dependencies needed to build LilyPond without any warning: extractpdfmark, URW-35 OpenType font files (thanks to @karlinhigh for his script). GUI apps can now be run from the container out of the box. This is based on a couple of assumptions, which should be correct most of the times (see the README).

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