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Re: -dcrop not included in 2.20?

From: Joram
Subject: Re: -dcrop not included in 2.20?
Date: Sat, 2 Dec 2017 12:34:44 +0100
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Hi David, Étienne et al.

Am 02.12.2017 um 09:46 schrieb David Kastrup:
> Étienne Beaulé <address@hidden> writes:
>> What is the status of this? ...
> You don't make a better case by repeating yourself endlessly.  I heard
> what you said the last half dozen times.

But Étienne is right that the status is unclear and I understand why he
asks. I reread this thread and from my understanding this is the content:

  Tomohiro Tatejima: Will it be included?
  David: undecided, … "that's a weak argument against it."
  Some people speaking up in favour of the functionality.
  No further reaction.

So it is basically "I would like to have it" against "I am not sure".
Are there more tangible arguments against it now? To me it's unclear
what the problem actually is.

How can we be more pragmatic?

Or in other words what would have to be done/what would have to change
to include it? What would the road for inclusion look like? (Am I right
that it's more about the 'how and when' then about the 'if ever' of such
a functionality?)


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