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Puzzled at Git

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Puzzled at Git
Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2017 12:34:16 +0100
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/26.0.50 (gnu/linux)

If I do

git log origin/stable/2.20..origin --pretty=oneline

the results are
8d889e98371302068af44e1d533e2b4b1a3300b9 (origin/staging, origin/master, 
origin/HEAD, test-staging, issue5242) Issue 5242: Make context-defs-from-music 
warn when missing context
006c1adb64dbec4c239b416720bcdce0cae8efd7 (issue5241) Issue 5241: Let \time 
announce itself at least in Score
2b22c446656bbcc02d441e64b9f696f18091ef82 ly:output-find-context-def: missing 
space in doc
ce4711229ab16bce2db5818d52f4ae3c6332a40a Doc: NR - rhythms.itely minor edits to 
3ff88db430a20dfce20d0b31d1c53ed9ae763068 Issue 5238: Callbacks setting 
properties are programming errors
3bafe224c2c3e8376acae30363237d4b1ee19924 Issue 5237/3: Omit (*location*) to 
check-{grob,music}-path calls
75f43e8a255ae8fc4382fae86e25fc2ba93f6004 Issue 5237/2: check-music-path could 
not be used without location arg
12ed49b9617f53021acb60b931d89c23001756b9 Issue 5237/1: check-grob-path could 
not be used without location arg
10584a5ff2f89172be9f4f6a81ffeaa8eff4a722 Issue 5236: Remove #:force-duration 
key from display-lily-music
7c16bbc4073d9bcefcfd9540d0f4ab93fd5c107d Issue 5235: Let (scm 
safe-utility-defs) re-export define*
d3f42c4cf6fcf74b7a2cf0dc627de14c845f35a6 Doc - NR: Staff-change lines and 
abef0f722fc9cf1ebce4908de6a1af97d3e868ad Doc: point to the new LilyDev 
a59947cc3f1040a78f5ccef8d87efb2eee946097 Issue 5231 Fix regression introduced 
with 5122 "Fix not scaling stem ..."
cc58a7a03b874c7d78cf3f7c376734b851dd56ea Issue 5230: grob::offset-function 
callbacks can give null or false
7b3b9d18392ceeb9b3dc88eb0c18ccaac7e71281 run for previous commit
0f96e7619095725f2b4eaf71fe425ae732d6f0a9 Doc - NR: Add snippet for MM rests - 
space increment setting
f3ea9eb083b026bd3f52e00e8103963ef1923fe0 Issue 5226: Extend regtest up to four voices
f4a1ca204c531264b5bc00ac40ca32e92bc07d26 Issue 5225: Regtest for issue 5220, 
RepeatTie in chords
d9182beb73363c9b220b45693aa9657583d67569 Issue 5223: Laissez_vibrer_engraver: 
save a few unsmobs
318c2e9e0d4578d5db201e4477d31a3c64158b0d Issue 5221: Remove note obsoleted by 
issue 3727
a8a048aa8139aaf228e699f8925f9af419c68e99 Issue 5220/3: Derive 
Repeat_tie_engraver from Laissez_vibrer_engraver
7324f4edbc126fd1ab362b97af9be9f105f7be66 Issue 5220/2: Virtualize some parts of 
ac55a3d8b926f5f7e291f46d5d7871caef7305c8 Issue 5220/1: Create 
ef6b6f2780cf021d8a9245268799be5fc1bcbced Issue 4927: Fix 2.17.6 convert-ly rule 
eafc9dda23ca73b9f8a825ac1003aac6b63cac0e Issue 5222: Stop 
\parenthesize\laissezVibrer causing programming errors
44ee35afa344cd97a61bb484a7efdf0c72259960 Remove more links to gmane throughout 
557dc7e9715d3f51c8442a07e6bdeb64e495ed53 Web - community: update link to German 
user forum
f35335ff33e5f78081bc3924efb28d01a7d4d400 Issue 5214/2: Conflate multiple 
\override markups
71f39d96e85bebf593260182b1554fdbe048af72 Issue 5214/1: Multiple properties for 
\override \override-lines markup
b309ea7a04c3b87a88a56c5b087271c5aa24f6f9 Issue 4996/2: Make easyHeads correctly 
heed the fontSize context property
3717a2561ff0d61091f296736ee43395c92e5621 Issue 4996/1: Add regtest for scalable 
easy noteheads
8167b2d7be51ed209e27d3a415d196b4fa9ff6b2 Release: revert VERSION.
0d6809182d89792936e0de5872737ccd874869f0 Release: bump VERSION.
10202ab6fa3201278c9391252844953ae0096196 Release: bump Welcome versions.
a8395dcb6fd5939cc383d9bd0f39ca9e5feff4d8 Release: update news.
06e7d00a2bd52124489bdd8e106199da225bebb6 (Re-)run 
eb790eb9849888cafeda0a61168ffdd271a1a426 Issue 5212/3: Adapt scm/accreg.scm for 
markup arg #" -> #
355f5fbc84819396ca8c7da52312f2137ca919b3 Issue 5212/2: Add convert-ly rule for 
markup command arg #" -> "
7e39a11c08e6a2a321a2da9c81bd0c62ff6da006 Issue 5212/1: Allow quoted strings as 
Scheme arguments to markup commands
b5e8932ebc2bc86d852b5bc1a6e16e2c9c29009d Issue 5211/2: add regtest
2c01a60d5a6e91e85e133efe1e2550db74aea089 Issue 5211/1: fix positioning of 
merged rests
d79f0bb3738a3fffae211e8e8c550fad70cf55ec Web: Replace URLs for gmane in footers
fd4a46abc5eb06631487347464e5de570e17e369 Community.itexi - remove gmane refs - 
Contact Us
8a781c6ad66cde327f903878847e5ec37d40bf24 Running.itely - warning when using the 
tilde char
b57f7d2ffb2606930dbe95a483dd91d708681ed0 Pitches.itely - Typo - Harmonia Sacra 
not Harmonica Sacra
f388d0c93b478b2cfb4511d171a54bc8d037dc91 Issue 5207: Parse strings and comments 
in #{ ... #}
51396a569b806dc61e0dc465c287d7d1a5e3b7a9 Issue 5206 Remove apostroph in 
backend-options of german running.itely

8c193e900fb7a734548a67eae019318ec920218e Issue 5204 Remove white-space from 
storePredefinedDiagram input-string
37d95611730e290accbf03dbfb1fca2388d3627a Issue 5205: \chordmode { c:sus } 
should be <c f g>, not <c g g>
398c2e17d45bf4d18723e14d52531e4e7d006dea Adapt lilypond to ghostscript 9.22, 
change command line options
5c37457ce9c5813ed644cbd51837a7d8cff07a78 Issue 5200: 
Remove unused lily-string->markup
d6760214e4e662681333be8e6e4e1c75e4c7c2e8 NR: Update Appendix -  Clef styles
8c446a6de068469ecd1f9cf9784119da559db784 Issue 5187 Add command for Thin Aiken 
9a07cd5d0d4bfebd42d60b208f60805874927817 Issue 5203: Don't let 
event-chord-reduce bomb on empty chords
71399fe7259f00ffd6a0649fc6b206f30b63d34a Issue 5202: Add regtest for issue 5181
92a694f7ecbe37a22c5e58b9c09c70e2b46ec74a Define ly:music-error
8f95c1d407d42ce3f3db46c2d4e7a4479d186429 Issue 5180: Require \version statement 
in main file
f139fab87a99e9d235daff2d22a0e1d06f6ad33e Issue 5197: Include direction marker 
in post-event location
f380b23d379748c34a1319536db04770309d8444 Issue 5194: Improve warning for 
unattached post-event(s)
b819710c538a2baa209f9f094836417d0d86fd89 Typo.
61672635e41f5cfe942dab7d9aacf0c958a3d168 Issue 5191: EG: a bit of 
grob-transformer documentation
39b793df4ae02d767f054cf1874c71385f9884c2 Standardize format of `in_color`
60298172eaa74d1cb1b14e0057ae45a77b036855 Issue 5196: Reset Changes document to 
ad0e424ca198fd400c3f1545ea37fa65ddf0fded Issue 5195: Don't segfault on { c^#1 }
eee1844d3d37b3985b31650c92f6ad694eec36a3 Issue 5192: Some doc cleanup in the 
wake of issue 5181
76f416192018eff8b960104efd303792ca490837 from commit 39c88526225
39c88526225c5cbc1d72bb483ea423d3a451095d NR: Add snippet to show 'thin' Aiken 
head example
d96b629107ec3eb5e1770ba09d028f8365933056 Add version statement to
f49be8555511f89b32b11ca3cac259a4a03e8164 Doc: Add section on SVG to Contributor
64d1e85aacc0d04b56ccd9e549e2e27081f8780e rarely used mensural clefs
8cdf89cee44dfff680e339c4f8d1af62dae7ff02 Issue 5181/3: Integrate lone 
post-events into chords
6373a95654a5025f7c4f3a50433e6cc821ca6dec Issue 5181/2: Allow lone postevents in 
braced lists
916408fbdcddfa956bd8447413e49530d8d9d6cb Issue 5181/1: Parser: Add 
reverse_music_list function
63a1f67ea836c1629a3e3b0f0c91a8ff10bc10d5 Typo: Fix incorrect \language string 
from previous
5daf92f7598f0f9c29e93981022ba1a9a6f443a4 Issue 5182: Doc: Add 
`-dPDFDontUseFontObjectNum` for gs 9.17+
4785a3ed7ce03c950f4f1f90ef6f412d038cedc7 Limit use of `make-concat-markup` in 
tempo tag
017ef9975f2fe3d6990c85b8107801706dc71baa Issue 5179 Let Merge_rests_engraver 
deal with dotted rests
ba03319b1110454dc8bafcf6ddd21213e6bde02c Register Merge_rests_engraver
4ca9913c540dfbfc7f598c07735c90139138327b Issue 5137/2: Doc: Add how to use 
set-global-fonts for non-music fonts
e6c53f51c9a9f9226a89bcfb49595b468b3c3262 Issue 5137/1: Doc: Add how to change 
the notation fonts
28670249d4116d8828d2632e23617a4a5efd4230 Issue 1434: Fix text spacing in SVG
6824b081b69449a8471f1b64c618c8e4903eeaff Add system-by-system output to SVG 
c9a4b1a9a32f09c0229ff4646a173d200ef369e8 Issue 5175: Update URW++ OTF files
f0781fa82140814e371275e84802b3648970477a Additions to for 
2be5896dc7025f2d5e2b11567dd5d00d32ffb75c Support for English note names in 
Arabic Music
67f386e3d8e235361e5b81d6789f2c402a59521f Issue 5171: 
Self_alignment_interface::aligned_on_self: bad warning
000a1b91ea5ccea1ae51c465367fd3c9b3fc2cdf Web: Addition to 'What we wrote' 
405cba59df2443b14cade4510ad140c77ca58807 Merge branch 'issue5156' into HEAD
3ac792f8d1b45c06362d4dc82483ce446ef1a504 Run 
e35b7959dfe5a2997db27b69e9c86683aa388037 Issue 5156: Change \note markup 
command to get a duration
13610c3015098241efe1db7e9b0bb56ff7a8f6ab Bump VERSION to 2.21.0
fe8ccdd1a92356b925fb580b2d87b0126975f15d Issue 5155: Allow { expression } in 
markup command arguments
e8b2544334fa66858c09028719fa82c447037291 Fix issue 5110: Don't use fixed color 
for LyricHyphens
dcb458c225534895f69f4c05137809d20d6a79b9 Add '-dcrop' option to ps and svg 
50ba2171c6a88789ef5ed3673a4c6a4549400113 Issue 5168 Let arpeggio-bracket/slur 
depend on grob-property thickness

So far, so good.  Those are basically the candidates for picking into
stable.  Now I thought that it would be sort-of convenient to use rebase
-i to bring those in.  However, if I do

git rebase -i origin origin/stable/2.20

the offered list of commits to work with is
pick 874e01622d Bump version to 2.19.80 for stable prereleases
pick f55f299fc7 Doc-ja: update LM
pick ce1c9d0ea4 Doc-ca: Catalan translation of the notation manual: 
expressive.itely and text.itely
pick 2cfed6cc93 Doc-es: update Notation/Simultaneous.
pick e7385f6e58 Web-es: update Introduction.
pick 1c1a932358 Doc-es: update one texidoc.
pick eccad9a9f8 Doc-ja: update Usage
pick eb38c33a95 Doc-ja: fix cindex in NR
pick 640edfbe2c Doc: typo in Changes and Notation/Text
pick 1de7c46e7f Doc-fr: updates NR and Changes
pick bdb1824bbd Doc-it: update
pick d114aaf715 Doc: run translation-update
pick 5e071167e5 Doc-ja: update NR/Musical notation
pick 9c511e6cf1 Doc-ja: update NR partially to fix compilation errors
pick a88c5110d9 Doc-it: fix wrong italian sentence
pick 5634df4b81 Reorganize entries for 2.20 release
pick 035069ca1a More improvements to Changes.tely items
pick 3fa798e50a Changes.tely - fix whitespace and semi colons
pick e11c5effe2 Issue 5137/1: Doc: Add how to change the notation fonts
pick 66db8e8803 Issue 5137/2: Doc: Add how to use set-global-fonts for 
non-music fonts
pick f3564f7f97 Register Merge_rests_engraver
pick 0b54564ae9 Issue 5180: Require \version statement in main file
pick 89bfaa4d13 Doc-fr: updates changes and NR
pick 296ac287ba Doc-es: update all except Changes, which is too hard for now.
pick fdc83c8d7c Doc-es: mark Changes as up-to-date until it is actually 
pick 649ca572ea Doc-ja: update NR/Spcialist notation
pick 686e4b2686 Doc-ja: minor changes relevant to terms of ancient notation
pick 8fc8bebb00 Doc-ja: fix some compilation errors
pick c7999fccaf Release: bump VERSION_DEVEL.
pick 8ccbfcc898 PO: update template.
pick 49b7796d14 PO: fetch es, fr, it and ja from FTP
pick 21d6e98599 PO: fetch Dutch from FTP
pick 7186f5b169 Changes.tely - Typo fix TexInfo markup
pick 7aed1c09c3 Doc-fr: fix commit IDs
pick 0be102e5cf po: fetch Deutsch from FTP
pick f24f6ba220 Doc-fr: typo in tweaks.itely
pick 8a3fa01dcb po: fetch Swedish from FTP
pick ca1b94ee0c PO: fetch Catalan from FTP

which is utterly different.  Totally so.

Anybody has an idea what may be the cause here?  Maybe some
documentation merge gone wrong?

David Kastrup

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