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Re: Windows Subsystem for Linux [WAS: new LilyDev, 0.2 release]

From: Federico Bruni
Subject: Re: Windows Subsystem for Linux [WAS: new LilyDev, 0.2 release]
Date: Mon, 01 Jan 2018 16:14:52 +0100

Il giorno lun 1 gen 2018 alle 15:49, Karlin High <address@hidden> ha scritto:
On 12/31/2017 10:32 AM, Federico Bruni wrote:

It would be nice if we could add LilyDev to Windows Store.

Thanks for looking at this!

I have a few machines running Windows 10 Pro x64 version 1709. Ubuntu installs nicely from the store. LilyPond seems to do fine on it.

Now, the systemd containers, like LilyDevOS. So far, I haven't been able to get them working on WSL. It's a pity, because Windows Subsystem for Linux only seems to allow for one instance of each version. If I "customize" its Ubuntu beyond all recognition, I can't just fire up a fresh copy for anything else that wants a "stock" Ubuntu. Those systemd containers would REALLY come in handy here. What I've found so far:

That last link is a Microsoft Developer Feedback site. It allows suggestions for features, and then voting for suggestions. This container topic is a little crowded, though; more people seem to be asking for Docker and LXC than for systemd.

Microsoft also has this Windows Subsystem for Linux project on GitHub. Several systemd discussions there, this one seems the most promising:

That place would probably offer more direct interaction with their developers. But I know too little about Linux internals to really take up an intelligent discussion there. CGroups? Namespaces? Never heard of these things before.

I had a quick look. It seems that we should wait for Microsoft/WSL devs to support systemd-nspawn.

Anyway, I wouldn't waste too much time on it. If you want to make things easier for WSL users, I'd rather write a (distro-specific) script to automatically set up the environment to build LilyPond.

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