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Re: add a generic markFormatter function (issue 337400043 by address@hid

From: lilypond
Subject: Re: add a generic markFormatter function (issue 337400043 by address@hidden)
Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2018 00:06:17 -0800

On 2018/01/05 06:43:50, lemzwerg wrote:
File scm/translation-functions.scm (right):
scm/translation-functions.scm:86: (define-public (format-mark-generic
framed bold? uppercase? repeat?)
What about using a list of keys instead of the last five arguments,
non-presence means `false'?  Something like

(define-public format-mark-circle-barnumbers
   (format-mark-generic '(barnumbers circle bold uppercase))

Good idea though I would prefer two arguments: the first is the
mandatory “alphabet” and can be one of 'alphabet, 'omit-i, 'omit-j,
'numbers/'arabic (which one? or both?), 'roman, barnumbers; the second
would be a list of optional arguments with the defaults “no frame, bold
font, uppercase double letters and roman numerals, repeat letters as in
BB for 27" (the latter is different from the current
format-mark-alphabet and format-mark-letters default but I’ve never seen
something like AB).

That would make

(define-public format-mark-circle-letters
  (format-mark-generic 'omit-i '(circle combine))

Optional arguments would be 'circle, 'box, 'oval, 'noframe, 'bold,
'medium, 'uppercase, 'lowercase, 'mixedcase, 'repeat, 'combine
('noframe, 'bold, 'uppercase and 'repeat would be ignored but present so
you don’t have to remember which one is the default). I would use both
'lowercase and 'mixedcase because of Bb vs. xviii for 28 (and of course
one could add bb).

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