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LilyJAZZ font - confusion about LICENSE

From: Torsten Hämmerle
Subject: LilyJAZZ font - confusion about LICENSE
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2018 14:51:18 +0100
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Hi all,

After quite a long absence from the web I've come out of the woodwork again...

Unfortunately, I obviously had left the LilyJAZZ font licensing question rather unclear. As Urs pointed out, primarily the somewhat vague wording "... shall be open and free" was not at all as clear as I thought it to be.

What I had in mind was formal British (?) English as in "This door shall be kept closed at all times".
Anyway, I do apologize for any inconveniences!

Fortunately, the case has been handled as intended: LilyJAZZ belongs to and has been created for LilyPond (hence the name) and I'll be glad with either GPL or CC or SIL. No commercial interest at all from my side, free use, development and distribution.

After all, it was just a "Proof of Concept" in the first place, and I'm glad that LilyPond can handle SMuFL fonts in the meantime.

All the best

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