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Re: Developing for Turkish Folk Music Accidental glyphs

From: Dr. Emre PINARBASI
Subject: Re: Developing for Turkish Folk Music Accidental glyphs
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2018 16:52:55 +0300

As far as I can, I got the code numbers of the signs to be used. I am
sending mail as an e-mail. I hope you can find answers to the questions you
have told.

2018-01-18 14:50 GMT+03:00 Werner LEMBERG <address@hidden>:

> > The classic Turkish music sound system is defined as the
> > file in the Lilypond program.  Unfortunately, the Turkish folk music
> > sound system is not defined in the program.  I am sending you a
> > chart showing the differences between them and the marks they use.
> Thanks, this helps.  Note, however, that you shouldn't send such stuff
> to me privately – instead, please send it to `lilypond-devel' mailing
> list so that others can read it, too.  Regarding your drawing, please
> reduce the size of your image so that it is, say, around 100kByte,
> before sending.
> > As understood from this drawing, the flat and the sharps used are
> > different from the defined writing styles.  These signs need to be
> > introduced to the LilyPond program by introducing the programa and
> > creating a pattern like the example.
> Yes.  Unfortunately, it doesn't answer my question.  I need an *exact*
> description of the glyphs in the provided font, glyph by glyph!  I'm
> the font expert for lilypond, not the Scheme programmer :-)
> For example, it's completely unclear to me why there are small and
> large variants of the same accidentals.  It would also help a lot if
> you (or your students) look at the SMUFL site
> and-dividers.html
> and identify the necessary glyphs (with the U+xxxx number) –
> theoretically, all of them should already be present.
>     Werner

PhD ( Turkish Religious Music)
Ondokuz Mayis University State Conservatory
Samsun / Turkey

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