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Re: Allow left-handed fret-markups (issue 339270043 by address@hidden)

From: thomasmorley65
Subject: Re: Allow left-handed fret-markups (issue 339270043 by address@hidden)
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2018 02:42:26 -0800

On 2018/01/23 09:55:04, dak wrote:
mailto:address@hidden writes:

> Yep, the difference between left- and right-handed are certain
> instead of a positive values.
> I'd love to use a multiplier retrieved from left-handed.
> Though, how to code properly and user-friendly.
> One could do
> (1) separate conditions (that's what I've done). Disadvantage: code
> more complex. No multiplier.
> (2) Let 'left-handed accept RIGHT/LEFT. Disadvantage is the need to
> input it via an quasiquoted list
> (3) Let 'left-handed accept -1/1. Disadvantage: it may be not that
> obvious to the user what -1/1 actually means
> (4) Let 'left-handed accept symbols left/right. Disadvantage: need
> transform these symbols into -1/1.
> Something like (if (eq? left-handed 'left) -1 1) needs to be added.
> (4) Drop 'left-handed and get the -1/1 from (sign string-distance)
> Opinions?

We use enough properties of the LEFT/RIGHT kind ((2) and (3) are
the same option apart from examples/docs) that I don't see a reason to
diverge here.  A property 'handedness set to LEFT or RIGHT would be in
that ballpark.

Well, we would need to teach the user why
  \override #'(fret-diagram-details . ((handedness . LEFT)))
  \fret-diagram #"6-x;5-3-3;4-2-2;3-o;2-1;1-o;"
not works, without using proper quasiquote/unquote.

That's why I listed (2) _and_ (3)

Btw, I found only a single place where we use `(...  ,RIGHT ) etc in the
Without explaining what ` and , actually means, though.

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