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Re: Allura/SourceForge to Gitlab migration

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: Allura/SourceForge to Gitlab migration
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2018 21:51:43 +0000
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´╗┐On 4/9/18, 3:43 PM, "Karlin High" <address@hidden> wrote:
    I wasn't clear on whether the free-Gold-tier-for-open-source was 
    automatic for any public repository, or if it needed GitLab approval. So 
    I tried it out, and the paid-version "squash and merge" feature IS 
    available in public repositories under the free-version. Here I made a 
    branch with multiple commits, adding 1 file and changing 1 file. Then I 
    did a squash-and-merge.
    Result here; comments on whether the presentation is satisfactory? There 
    were opportunities to add more commit messaging, so lack of that is my 
    fault, not GitLab's.
The problem with this workflow is that the merger is the person who needs to do 
the squash-and-merge.  That's extra work for the merger.  I'd prefer to keep 
the work on the patch creator.

The current workflow is that the patch author does the squash, and then we 
don't do a merge, we do a regular commit.

The only merge commits in our current workflow, IIUC, are translation merges.



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