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Re: Skylines and certain grob properties (rotation, extra-offset)

From: Torsten Hämmerle
Subject: Re: Skylines and certain grob properties (rotation, extra-offset)
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2018 12:48:58 -0700 (MST)

Hi all,

Thanks for the confirmation, we all seem to agree that grob rotation should
be taken into account when creating skylines, whereas extra-offset should
stay as it is, i.e. not affect the skylines.

Carl Sorensen-3 wrote
> If it doesn't slow the code down too much, I would be in favor of having
> skylines reflect grob rotation.

All we need to do is read the "rotation" grob property, that's very fast and
you won't notice anything.
Only if it's a non-empty list (normally, this property is never set) there's
need for action, otherwise there will be no change to the skyline at all.

I think that'd be a really handy feature.

As an example, I've rotated the treble by 180° (thinking of Mozart's "Der
Spiegel"/"The Mirror").
Above (current version) you can see that the skyline is not rotated.
Much worse: trying to get TextScripts out of their way by rotating them by
30° via TextScript.rotation doesn't work at all and results in a mess:


I think I'll set up a new issue for that (this is more general than the box
skyline modeling issue 5307 and I'd like to keep these things separate).

All the best,

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